Baked Green Eggs

This recipe is a ripper!! Easy & absolutely loaded with goodness.

An easy & fibre, nutrient loaded breakfast or brunch.

Chow mein tofu, veggies & noodles

A midweek time saving, I’ve only got 30 minutes & can’t be F’d cooking…but still want to eat something really good for me. Also great reheated the next day for lunch.

Singapore style noodle w prawns & veggies

This is the quickest, tastiest & easiest dish you’ll ever make. Packed with greens that provide plenty of fibre & nutrients. This dish is for two but double or triple ingredients for more & as always add other veggies you like, don’t hold back.

Gluten free Rhubarb & chia seed cake

I have been trying to eat gluten free & high fibre based foods for the last few months, for the most part it’s pretty easy, but for CAKE it’s hard!! This is so delicious & moist. I call it a ‘Pudding Cake’. It’s great warm with cream for dessert or gut friendly Greek yoghurt.

Roasted Brussel sprouts & feta salad

A quick salad making Brussel sprouts the hero…which lets be honest is difficult. They have a bad reputation for being boring ‘healthy’ food. I think this salad served warm or cold makes them taste delicious…..what do you’all think?