Chocolate, Banana, Seed & Nut Muffins

These can be a decadent dessert, warmed up & served with coconut yoghurt or a delicious brekky on the go, sliced in half & buttered. Also just yummy on their own.

Almond & Pumpkin Seed Biscuits

These are delicious, easy & fill the need for a sweet treat with fibre.

Coconut & Banana Cake

A delicious & healthy cake option.

Red Lentil Dahl With Okra & Spinach

I Love this soup so much. It’s quick, easy & so good for you. Change up the veggies you add at the end… like chopped green beans, little cubes of pumpkin, sweet potato, sugar snap peas, cauliflower the list is endless.

Peanut Butter & Walnut Fudge

Beyond easy & fill the need for a sweet treat, a great amount of fibre in a small package.

Peanut Butter & Chia Seed Cookies

Beyond easy & fill the need for a sweet treat, a great amount of fibre in a small package.

Taco Balls

Turn these into multiple meals. Cook once. Eat twice. Taco’s, taco bowl, in lettuce cups, as a snack dipped in hummus or tzatziki, in a wrap, Baked in a tomato sauce with cheese on top. So many ways to use these little yummies.

Tuna, Broccoli & Chia Seed Burgers

A fantastic way to bundle together some high fibre ingredients.

White Pepper Pork, Veggies & Noodles

This is a delicious way to enjoy juicy, spicy pork with tonnes of veggies & rice noodles.

Full of flavour & nutrients.

White Bean, Tomato & Herb Soup

A very fast Crockpot wonder, the best thing is when all the broth is finished you can serve the beans on their own dotted with some persian feta bits and a nice piece of fish. A cook once, eat twice, packed with fibre & nutrients.

Baked Green Eggs

This recipe is a ripper!! Easy & absolutely loaded with goodness.

An easy & fibre, nutrient loaded breakfast or brunch.

Chow mein tofu, veggies & noodles

A midweek time saving, I’ve only got 30 minutes & can’t be F’d cooking…but still want to eat something really good for me. Also great reheated the next day for lunch.

Singapore style noodle w prawns & veggies

This is the quickest, tastiest & easiest dish you’ll ever make. Packed with greens that provide plenty of fibre & nutrients. This dish is for two but double or triple ingredients for more & as always add other veggies you like, don’t hold back.

Gluten free Rhubarb & chia seed cake

I have been trying to eat gluten free & high fibre based foods for the last few months, for the most part it’s pretty easy, but for CAKE it’s hard!! This is so delicious & moist. I call it a ‘Pudding Cake’. It’s great warm with cream for dessert or gut friendly Greek yoghurt.

Roasted Brussel sprouts & feta salad

A quick salad making Brussel sprouts the hero…which lets be honest is difficult. They have a bad reputation for being boring ‘healthy’ food. I think this salad served warm or cold makes them taste delicious…..what do you’all think?


The Fibre Bible is about how to incorporate all types of fibre into your diet every day. The recipes use everyday ingredients that are easy to find at your supermarket and they are used throughout the magazine so that you don’t have random ingredients floating around in your pantry never to be used again.

There are 28 recipes from breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks that will help you learn how to cook food with fibre in every meal. The recipes are packed with flavour, texture and a variety of plant-based ingredients that will hopefully become some of your favourite meals to cook and a way of eating that will become second nature.

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