Here is a little gift for your GUTS. A recipe from each section of The Fibre Bible to give you a taste of what you will get from the magazine. They are really simple recipes, the ingredients are easy to source at your local supermarket, they are my favourite recipes & I hope they become yours too.

Bean Bowl with
Corn Chips & Cheese

This is so easy & fast to pull together. It has multiple uses, not just as a bean bowl. My fam love the beans on nachos, in burritos, with brown rice or even on a jacket potato with butter & sour cream.

Anzac Muesli

This muesli uses the classic flavour of the Aussies’ Favourite biscuit with nutrient loaded ingredients like chia seeds, rolled oats, oat bran, dates and more. It will keep you going for hours & it tastes so good. It’s also so much cheaper than buying fancy ones.

Mexican Scrambled Eggs
& Black Bean Flauta

A flauta is a mexican street food usually a tortilla with a meat & cheese filling, so in this recipe I’ve used this really thin “Mountain Bread” brand, eggs & beans and pan fried it for a healthier option that in no WAY leaves out flavour, It’s delicious.


I always double this recipe and use these almonds chopped up to add to salads, muesli (I love the sweet & salty combination) in toasted sandwiches, scattered over steamed veggies with a drizzle of good olive oil & a squeeze of lemon juice, anything goes.


The Fibre Bible is about how to incorporate all types of fibre into your diet every day. The recipes use everyday ingredients that are easy to find at your supermarket and they are used throughout the magazine so that you don’t have random ingredients floating around in your pantry never to be used again.

There are 28 recipes from breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks that will help you learn how to cook food with fibre in every meal. The recipes are packed with flavour, texture and a variety of plant-based ingredients that will hopefully become some of your favourite meals to cook and a way of eating that will become second nature.

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