About The Magazine

The Fibre Bible is about how to incorporate all types of fibre into your diet every day. The recipes use everyday ingredients that are easy to find at your supermarket and they are used throughout the magazine so that you don’t have random ingredients floating around in your pantry never to be used again.

There are 28 recipes from breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks that will help you learn how to cook food with fibre in every meal. The recipes are packed with flavour, texture and a variety of plant-based ingredients that will hopefully become some of your favourite meals to cook and a way of eating that will become second nature.

  • Allbran & raspberry trifle
  • Breakfast Anzac muesli
  • Banana, hummus, bacon & honey on toast
  • Baked beans & eggs
  • Mexican scrambled eggs & black bean flauta
  • Globe artichoke, Brussels sprout & tuna wholemeal pasta salad
  • Brown rice, currant & almond salad
  • Lentil salad with Asian veggies, tofu mung beans & a miso & tahini dressing
  • Red lentil, tomato, lime & star anise soup
  • Smashed minted pea, avocado & feta cheese on toast
  • Split green pea & ham soup
  • Broccoli, asparagus & spinach toastie
  • Bean stroganoff with jacket potato & cheese
  • Homemade burritos fast tracked
  • Bean bowl with corn chips & cheese
  • Cauliflower fried rice
  • Chicken, pearl barley, lemon & garlic casserole
  • Indian style chickpea, cauliflower & potato curry
  • Potato & pea patties with turmeric, apple & red onion sambal
  • Quinoa, apple & black bean san choy bow
  • Thai-inspired broccoli & chia seed fritters with apple & celery coleslaw
  • Pesto with spelt pasta & peas
  • Chia seed, spinach, cheese & mustard quesadilla
  • Date, chocolate, chia seed & peanut butter bars
  • Fast hummus with apple
  • Honey, rolled oats & chia seed bars
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Tamari almonds

I’m excited for everyone to discover how good, eating fibre rich meals everyday makes you feel. It takes time to learn to incorporate these ingredients and it takes time for your body to get used to some of these ingredients, so take it slow and enjoy every meal. AND enjoy the way fibre makes your body AND your mind feel.

Fibre is a very under-rated nutrient. There is mounting scientific evidence showing its many and varied benefits throughout the body.

Fibre promotes regular bowel movements, it has been shown to help maintain healthy blood glucose levels, fibre has also been linked to reduction of cholesterol into your bloodstream.

The by-products of the breakdown of resistant starch in the large intestine produces short chain fatty acids that have prebiotic properties like soluble fibre and promote the growth of more beneficial gut bacteria.

However it can be hard to know what ingredients contain fibre and easy, no fuss ways to incorporate these ingredients into every meal.